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Principal Investigator

Glenn S. Daehn  

Education/Experience: B.S. Northwestern University, M.S., Ph.D., Stanford 1989, Mat. Sc. & Eng. Founding Director, Ohio Manufacturing Insititue, Director Honda-OSU Partnership Program.

Expertise: Leader in Impulse-based metal forming for joining, welding, cutting, and forming. Co-Founder of International Impulse Forming Group. Also Active in novel material processing.

Recent Grants and/or Publications:

“Energy Field Methods and Electromagnetic Metal Forming”, in: Intelligent Energy Field Methods and Interdisciplinary Process Innovations, CRC Press, 2011.

“Production of Low-Volume Aviation Components Using Disposable Electromagnetic Actuators”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, (2011).

“Application of High Velocity Impact Welding at Varied Different Length Scales” JMPT, (2011).

“Electromagnetically Assisted Sheet Metal Stamping” JMPT (2011).

-- Grants on Light vehicle structures from DOE-CERC, DOE-IMI, industries, and Alcoa Foundation.

Website: & (sustainable design and manufacture)