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51st Plenary Meeting of the International Cold Forging Group


The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
October, 22-25 2018


Colleagues, ICFG Members, Accompanying Persons and Guests,


I would like to call your attention to and welcome you to the 51st plenary meeting of the International Cold Forging Group that will return to the United States for only the second time in the history of ICFG.  The only other US-based ICFG meeting was organized by Prof. Taylan Altan in 2003 in Columbus and it is fitting that the meeting returns here in 2018.  Columbus is a very welcoming city with a great culture of food, art and technology that presents a great venue for the 51st ICFG Plenary meeting.  We hope to welcome you here for this auspicious event. 

As we move into the next 50 years of ICFG, the conference theme this year will be the Future of Cold Forging. The technology is very important and enabling as it produces excellent levels of material use efficiency, component strength and dimensional control.  For these reasons, it should have a strong place in our technical future.  It is also under a challenging time, as its primary use is in automotive powertrain components and some pundits believe that vehicle electrification represents the new way we will move people and stuff. 

As we look to the future it is clear there will be at least three important points that we will focus on this year:


Processes – Commercial demands often call for reduced lead-time and product differentiation.  How can Cold Forging be adapted to these new demands?

Products – Where are the new venues for wide adaptation of Cold Forging?  What will replace automotive powertrain components as go-to applications? 

People -- Worldwide we struggle with developing the pipeline of talent who will build the presses, dies and components for tomorrow.  Ohio is deeply part of this conversation.


I welcome your input in helping to develop a robust program and dialog.  Please feel free to reach out to me with suggested topics or presentations you would like to give.  Further should you need any assistance with letters for visas or other invitations, please reach out to me and the ICFG conference organization team at:


I look forward to welcoming you to Columbus,


Glenn S. Daehn, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, 
The Ohio State University
Conference Chair, ICFG 2018