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Research Scientist

Dr. Anupam Vivek


B.Tech, Mfg Sc. Engg, IIT Kharagpur 

MS, PhD, Mat Sc. Eng, Ohio State University

Vice Chairman, Sheet metal forming subgroup, International Impulse Forming Group


Experimental design and analysis for impulse-based metal forming for joining, welding, cutting and forming, terminal ballistics

Selected Publications:

Vivek, A., et al. "Vaporizing foil actuator: A tool for collision welding." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 213.12 (2013): 2304-2311.

Vivek, A., K-H. Kim, and G. S. Daehn. "Simulation and instrumentation of electromagnetic compression of steel tubes." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 211.5 (2011): 840-850.

Vivek, A., et al. "Accessing collision welding process window for titanium/copper welds with vaporizing foil actuators and grooved targets." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 214.8 (2014): 1583-1589.


Dr. Ashish Rajak


PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati


Electromagnetic welding and forming processes, powder compaction, numerical modeling