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Research Scientist

Dr. Anupam Vivek


B.Tech, Mfg Sc. Engg, IIT Kharagpur; MS, PhD, Mat Sc. Eng, Ohio State University; Vice Chairman, Sheet metal forming subgroup, International Impulse Forming Group


Experimental design and analysis for impulse-based metal forming for joining, welding, cutting and forming, terminal ballistics Non-Research: Cricket, Cooking, Whistling

Selected Publications:

Vivek, A., et al. "Vaporizing foil actuator: A tool for collision welding." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 213.12 (2013): 2304-2311.

Vivek, A., K-H. Kim, and G. S. Daehn. "Simulation and instrumentation of electromagnetic compression of steel tubes." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 211.5 (2011): 840-850.

Vivek, A., et al. "Accessing collision welding process window for titanium/copper welds with vaporizing foil actuators and grooved targets." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 214.8 (2014): 1583-1589.