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VFA Embossing

Vaporizing Foil Actuator: Embossing of Script Ohio



Vaporizing Foil Actuator has been used here for embossing a 0.5 mm thick aluminium alloy (AA2024-T3) sheet with features such as outline of Ohio, Script Ohio, and the Buckeye Leaf: all symbols representing The Ohio State University. To be noted is the coining of fine features onto the workpiece, thereby indicating extremely high driving pressures in the range of 1-3 GPa.


Vivek, A., Brune, R. C., Hansen, S. R., & Daehn, G. S. (2014). Vaporizing foil actuator used for impulse forming and embossing of titanium and aluminum alloys.Β Journal of Materials Processing Technology,Β 214(4), 865-875.


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