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Conference Papers

Conference Paper Title Authors Year
"Electrically Driven Plasma via Vaporization of Metallic Conductors: A Novel Tool for Joining Tubular Workpieces" A. Vivek, C. Weddeling, M. Hahn, G. S. Daehn, A. E. Tekkaya 2014
“Vaporizing Foil Actuator Welding of AA6061 with Cu110: Effect of Heat Treatment Cycles on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure” A. Vivek, S. R. Hansen, B. C. Liu and G. S. Daehn 2014
“Vaporizing Foil Actuator: Controlling the Pressure Pulse for Impulse Metalworking” S. R. Hansen, A. Vivek and G. S. Daehn 2014
“An Electromagnetically Driven Metalworking Press“ G. A. Taber, B. A. Kabert, A. T. Washburn, T. N. Windholtz, C. E. Slone, K. N. Boos and G. S. Daehn 2012
“Laser Impact Welding - Process Introduction and Key Variables” H. Wang, D. Liu, G. Taber, J. C. Lippold, G. S. Daehn 2012
“Rapidly Vaporizing Conductors Used for Impulse Metalworking” G. Taber, J.R. Johnson, G.S. Daehn 2012
“A TEM Study of Creep Deformation Mechanisms in AllVac 718 Plus” Raymond R. Unocic, Kinga A. Unocic, Robert W. Hayes, Glenn S. Daehn, and Michael J. Mills 2010
"Impact Welding in a Variety of Geometric Configurations” Y. Zhang, H. Wang. S. Babu and G. S. Daehn 2010
“Agile Production of Sheet Metal Aviation Components Using Disposable Electromagnetic Actuators” S. Woodward, C. Weddeling, G. S. Daehn, V. Psyk, W. Carson and E. Tekkaya 2010
“Dimensional Control and Formability in Impact Forming” S. Srinivasan, H. Wang, G. Taber and G. S. Daehn 2010
“Commercialization of Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate Manufacturing by Electromagnetic Forming” J. Shang, L. Wilkerson, S. Hatkevich and G. S Daehn 2010
“Pressure Heterogeneity in Small Displacement Electrohydraulic Forming Processes” V. J. Vohnout, G. K. Fenton and G. S. Daehn 2010
“Shock-less High Rate Compaction of Porous Brittle Materials” G. Fenton, T. Caipen, G. Daehn T. Vogler and D. Grady 2009
“Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Pulsed Welding for Pre-Flanged AA6061-T6 and Cu101 Sheets” Y. Zhang, G. S. Daehn, P. L'Eplattenier and B. Suresh 2009
“Low-Cost Manufacturing of Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates by Electromagnetic Forming” J. Shang, L. Wilkerson, S. Hatkevich, G. S. Daehn, S. Srinivasan, H. Wang and J. R. Bradley 2009
"High Strain Rate Constitutive Relations and Ductility Parameters via Electromagnetic Launch and Velocimetry” J. R. Johnson, G. K. Fenton, G. Taber, A. Vivek and G. S. Daehn 2009
“Dynamic Characterization of Granular Materials” G. Fenton, G. S. Daehn, G. Taber, T. Vogler, and D. Grady 2009
“Springback Elimination in Structural Components by Means of Electromagetic Forming” Leire Vadillo, Iaki Prez, Iaki Egua, M. A. Gοngeles Gutirrez, Beatriz Gonzlez, Uwe Paar, Glenn S. Daehn 2009
"Coupling Experiment and Simulation in Electromagnetic Forming Using Photon Doppler Velocimetry” Jason R. Johnson, Geoff Taber, Anupam Vivek, Yuan Zhang, Scott Golowin, Kristin Banik, Gregg K. Fenton, and Glenn S. Daehn 2009
“TEM Sample Preparation Method for Grain Boundary Phase Identification in Al-Mg alloys” G.S. Daehn and K.A. Unocic 2008
“Material Constitutive Parameter Identification Using an Electromagnetic Ring Expansion Experiment Coupled with LS-DYNA and LS-OPT” I. Henchi, P. Leplattenier, G. S. Daehn, Y. Zhang, A. Vivek and N. Stander 2008
“Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study for Magnetic Pulse Welding Process on AA6061-T6 and Cu101 Sheet” Y. Zhang, P. Leplattenier, G. Taber, A. Vivek, G. S. Daehn and S. Babu 2008
“Flanging and Hemming Auto Body Panels using Electromagetic Forming” P. Jimbert, I. Eguia, M. A. Gutierrez, B. Gonzalez, G. S. Daehn, Y. Zhang, R. Andersson, H. Sundberg, S. O. Olsson, P. Bronnstrom 2008
“Hemming of Aluminum Sheet Panels Using the Electromagnetic Forming Technology” P. Jimbert et. al. 2007
"Agile Sheet Metal Forming: Basic Concepts and the Role of Electromagnetic Metal Forming" G.S. Daehn 2007
“Efficiency Improvement and Analysis of Microstructure Associated with Use of a Uniform Pressure Actuator” P. Jimbert, A. Arroyo, I. Eguia, J. I. Fernandez, E. Silveria, I Garuz and G. S. Daehn 2006
“Introduction of an Electromagnetism Module in LS-DYNA For Coupled Mechanical-Thermal-Electromagnetic Simulations”

P. Leplattenier, G. Cook, C. Aschraft, M. Berger, A. Shapiro, G. S. Daehn and M. Seth

“Design, Construction, and Applications of the Uniform Pressure Electromagnetic Actuator” Manish Kamal, Vincent Cheng, John Bradley, Steve Hatkevich, Glenn S. Daehn 2006
“New Approach for Springback Correction: Electromagnetic Impulses” E. Iriondo, B. Gonzlez, M. A. Gutirrez, G. S. Daehn 2006
“Replication of Microfeatures by Electromagnetic Launch and Impact” M. Kamal, V. Cheng, T.K. Sue, J. Shang and G.S. Daehn 2006
“Electromagnetic Springback Reshaping” E. Iriondo, B. Gonzalez, M. Gutierrez, V. Vonhout, G. Daehn, B. Hayes 2006
“Experimental Study of Spingback Elimination Using Electromagnetic Forming” Edurne Iriondo, Betriz Gonzalez, Iaki Eguia, Marian Gutirrez, Glenn Daehn 2005
"Effect of Aspect Ratio on High Velocity Formability of Aluminum Alloy" M. Seth and G.S. Daehn 2005
“Analysis of the Electromagnetic Impulse Joining Processes With a Field Concentrator” P. Zhang, S.Yushanov, G.S. Daehn 2004
"Improved Formability by Control of Strain Distribution in Sheet Stamping Using Electromagnetic Impulses" V.J. Vohnout, J Shang, G.S. Daehn 2004
"Improved Crimp-joining of Aluminum Tubes onto Mandrels with Undulating Surfaces" I. Eguia, P. Zhang, G.S. Daehn 2004
“Electromagnetically Assisted Sheet Forming: Enabling Difficult Shapes by Controlled Energy Distributions” G. S. Daehn, J. Shang and V. J. Vohnout 2003
"Spot Impact Welding of Sheet Aluminum" A. Turner, P. Zhang, V.J. Vohnout and G.S. Daehn 2002
"Primary Creep in Polycrystalline Alpha-Titanium: Coupled Observations and a Stochastic Cellular Automaton Model" N. Thirumalai, M.F. Savage, M. J. Mills and G. S. Daehn 2001
"Tribiological behaviour of Al-20%Si/Al2O3 high reinforcement content composites produced by a displacement reaction" L. Ceschini, M.C. Breslin, G.S. Dahen, G.L. Garagnani, G. Poli 1998
"Modeling of Electromagnetically Formed Sheet Metal" G. K Fenton and G. S. Daehn 1998