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Current Projects


Commercial validation of impact spot welding: TVSF Phase 1 and accelerator award

Build and use a prototype vaporizing foil actuator (VFA) welding machine to benchmark VFA spot welds against competing technologies and investigate its commercial potential.


Edison Advanced Manufacturing Program: Commercialization of Vaporizing Foil Actuator Welding

Development of the VFAW process toward a commercially offered pedestal welding system.


MRI: Development of a Dynamic Material Processing and Testing Instrument

This Major Research Instrumentation Award supports the development of a dynamic materials processing and test instrument that will allow the safe and detailed examination of highly dynamic materials processing in a conventional laboratory environment.  


Collaborative Research: GOALI: Fundamental Research on Impact Welding of Aluminum and Steel

This award supports fundamental research on an emerging welding technology - impact welding - to join material combinations that are otherwise difficult to join. Impact welding with three different methods: laser impact, vaporizing foil actuator, and explosives will be performed in order to span length scales from microns to centimeters. This collaboration consists of OSU, University of New Hampshire, and NobelClad