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Book Chapters

Chapter Name, Book Authors Year
"Use of Vaporizing Foil Actuator for Impact Welding of Aluminum Alloy Sheets with Steel and Magnesium Alloys", Light Metals Liu, B., Vivek, A., & Daehn, G. S.  2015
“Machine Tool” Entry in World Book Encyclopedia, revision in use 2007 and beyond. G.S. Daehn 2007
“Effect of Load Redistribution in Transient Plastic Flow” W Gan, P.H Zhang, R.H. Wagoner, G.S. Daehn 2006
“Grain Boundary Precipitate Modification for Improved Intergranular Corrosion Resistance" K.A. Unocic, P. Kobe, M.J. Mills, G.S. Daehn 2006
“Co-Continuous Composite Materials for Friction and Braking Applications” G.S. Daehn and M.C. Breslin 2006
"High Velocity Metal Forming" G.S. Daehn 2005
"Formability of Sheet Steel in High Velocity Impact” M. Seth, V.J. Vohnout and G.S. Daehn 2005
“Transient Plastic Flow at Nominally Fixed Structure Due to Load Redistribution” W. Gan, P. Zhang, R.H. Wagoner and G.S. Daehn 2005
"Prediction of Limit Strains in Superplastic Materials" M.P. Miles, G.S. Daehn and R.H. Wagoner 2003
"Observations on the Densification of Al-Al2O3 Composite Powder Compaction by Pressure Cycling" G. Jiang, G. S.Daehn and R. H. Wagoner 2003
“Deformation Mechanisms During Creep of Titanium Alloys at Low Temperature” M. J. Mills, T. Neeraj, M. F. Savage and G. S. Daehn 2002
"Explicit Finite Element Method Simulation of Consolidation of Monolithic and Composite Powders" X.J. Xin, P. Jayaraman, G. Jiang, R.H. Wagoner and G.S. Daehn 2002
"Effect of Cyclic Compaction on the Uniformity of Metal Matrix Composites" Y. Fu, J. J. Lannutti, R. H. Wagoner and G. S. Daehn 2002
"A Scaling Analysis of Recovery Creep" G. S Daehn, H. Brehm and B-S Lim 2002
"A Model for Slip Creep Based on Sub-Structural Coarsening" H. Brehm and G.S. Daehn 2002
"A Framework for Modeling Creep in Pure Metals" H. Brehm and G. S. Daehn 2002
"Inclusion Particle Size Effects on the Cyclic Compaction of Powder Composites" G. Jiang, G. S. Daehn and R. H. Wagoner 2001
"Effects of Lubrication and Aspect Ratio on the Consolidation of Metal Matrix Composites under Cyclic Pressure" G.Jiang, G. S. Daehn, J. J. Lannutti, Y. Fu and R. H. Wagoner 2001
"Modeling Thermally Activated Deformation with a Variety of Obstacles and its Application to Creep Transients" G. S.Daehn 2001
"Void Filling and Cluster Breaking of Metal-Ceramic Composites Under Pressure Cycling" G. Jiang, G. S. Daehn and R. H. Wagoner 2001
"Primary Creep Transients due to Non-Uniform Obstacle Sizes" G. S. Daehn 2001
"Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Idealized Solid State Consolidation" W. Wu, G. Jiang, R. H. Wagoner and G. S. Daehn 2000
"Phenomenological and Microstructrual Analysis of Room Temperature Creep in Titanium Alloys" T. Neeraj, D-H Hou, G. S. Daehn and M. J. Mills 2000
"Effects of Zn additions on the grain boundary precipitation and corrosion of Al-5083" Carroll MC, Gouma PI, Mills MJ, et al. 2000
"Thermal Cycling and Related Strain Mismatch in Metal Matrix Composites" G. S. Daehn 2000
"Experimental and Numerical Examination of Idealized Powder Compaction under Cyclic Pressure" G. Jiang, W. Wu, G.S. Daehn and R. H. Wagoner 2000
"Improved Formability with Electromagnetic Forming: Fundamentals and a Practical Example" G. S. Daehn, V. J. Vohnout and L. DuBois 1999
"Hyperplastic Forming: Process Potential and Factors Affecting Formabilitiy" G. S. Daehn, V. J. Vohnout and S. Datta 1999
"A Hybrid Quasi-Static-Dynamic Process for Increased Limiting Strains in the Forming of Large Sheet Aluminum Parts" V. J. Vohnout, G. S. Daehn and R. Shivpuri 1999
"Effects of Minor Sc and Zr Additions on Commercial Al-Mg-Mn Alloys" M.C. Carroll, M. J. Mills G. S. Daehn, P. I. Gouma, M. F. Savage and B. R. Dunbar 1999
"A Model of Creep Based on Interacting Elements and its Application to the Primary Creep of Fully-Lamellar g-TiAl" Glenn S. Daehn, G. B. Viswanathan, Michael J. Mills and V. K. Vasudevan 1999