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Paper Name Authors Year
“Electrically Driven Plasma via Vaporization of Metallic Conductors: A Novel Tool for Joining Tubular Workpieces” A. Vivek, C. Weddeling, M. Hahn, G. S. Daehn, & A. E. Tekkaya 2014
“High Strain Rate Metalworking with Vaporizing Foil Actuator: Control of Flyer Velocity by Varying Input Energy and Foil Thickness” A. Vivek, S.R. Hansen, G.S. Daehn
“Impact Welding of Aluminum to Copper and Stainless Steel by Vaporizing Foil Actuator: Effect of Heat Treatment Cycles on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure” A. Vivek, S.R. Hansen, J.T. Benzing, M. He, G.S. Daehn
“ Accessing collision welding process window for titanium/copper welds with vaporizing foil actuators and grooved targets” A. Vivek, S.R. Hansen, B.C. Liu, G. S. Daehn 2014
"Dynamic Compaction of Titanium Powder by Vaporizing Foil Actuator Assisted Shearing" A. Vivek, J. D. Defouw and G. S. Daehn 2014
"Vaporizing Foil Actuator used for Impulse Forming and Embossing of Titanium and Aluminum Alloys" A.Vivek, R.C. Brune, S.R. Hansen, G.S. Daehn 2014
“Assessing Collision Welding Process Windows with Vaporizing Foil Actuators and Grooved Targets” A. Vivek, B. C. Liu, S. R. Hansen and G. S. Daehn 2014
"High Strain Rate Metalworking with Vaporizing Foil Actuator: Control of Flyer Velocity by Varying Input Energy and Foil Thickness" A. Vivek, S. R. Hansen and G. S. Daehn 2013
“In-Situ Velocity Measurements of Very High Power Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing using a Photonic Doppler Velocimeter” D. R. Foster, G. Taber, S. S. Babu and G.S. Daehn 2013
“Shape Calibration of High Strength Metal Sheets by Electromagnetic Forming” E. Iriondo, J. L. Alcaraz, G. S. Daehn, M. A. Gutirrez and P. Jimbert 2013
“Vaporizing Foil Actuators: A Tool for Collision Welding” A. Vivek, S. R. Hansen, B. C. Liu, G. S. Daehn 2013
“Electrically Driven Plasma via Vaporization of Metallic Conductors: A Tool for Impulse Metal Working” A. Vivek, G. A. Taber, J. R. Johnson, S. T. Woodward and G. S. Daehn 2013
“Creep Behavior and Deformation Mechanisms for Nanocluster-Strengthened Ferritic Steels” M. C. Brandes, L. Kovarik, M. Miller, G. S. Daehn and M. J. Mills 2012
“Study and Simulation of Critical Factors Affecting Final Quality in Electromagnetically Hemmed Automotive Aluminum” P. Jimbert, I. Eguia, G. S. Daehn, E. Iriondo, M. A. Gutierrez and I. Hurtado 2012
“Laser Impact Welding for Joining Similar and Dissimilar Metal Combinations” D. Liu, H. Wang, J.C. Lippold, G. S. Daehn 2012
“Shape Calibration of High Strength Metal Sheets by Electromagnetic Forming” E. Iriondo, J. L. Alcaraz, G. S. Daehn, M. A. Gutirrez, P. Jimbert 2012
“Production of Low-Volume Aviation Components Using Disposable Electromagnetic Actuators” Steven Woodward, Christian Weddeling, Glenn Daehn, Verena Psyk, Bill Carson, A. Erman Tekkaya 2011
“Electromagnetic Impulse Calibration of High Strength Sheet Metal Structures” E. Iriondo, M. A. Gutirrez, B. Gonzlez, J. L. Alcaraz and G. S. Daehn 2011
“Simulation and Instrumentation of Electromagnetic Compression of Steel Tubes” A. Vivek, K-H Kim, and G. S. Daehn 2011
“Application of High Velocity Impact Welding at Varied Different Length Scales” Yuan Zhang, Suresh S. Babu, Curtis Prothe, Michael Blakely, John Kwasegroch, Mike LaHa, Glenn S. Daehn 2011
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“Linking Transformational Materials Processing for an Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Economy: Creating the Vision and Accelerating Revitalization” One of many contributors 2011
“Manufacturing: Essential to our Well Being and Under Threat” G. S. Daehn 2010
"Study of Pd-Ag Dental Alloys: Examination of Effect of Casting Porosity on Fatigue Behavior and Microstructural Analysis" D. Li, S. Alpathi, R. Heshmati, G. S. Daehn and W. A. Brantley 2010
“Interfacial Ultrafine Grained Structures on Aluminum Alloy 6061 and Copper Alloy 110 Joint Fabricated by Electromagnetic Pulse Welding” Y. Zhang, S. S. Babu and G. S. Daehn 2010
“Microstructrural Features Leading to Enhanced Grain Boundary Resistance to Grain Boundary Creep Cracking in Allvac 718 Plus” K. A. Unocic, R. W. Hayes, and G. S. Daehn 2010
“Effect of Gallium Focused Ion Beam Milling on Preparation of Aluminum Thin Foils” K.A. Unocic, M.J. Mills and G.S Daehn 2010
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"Agile Manufacturing of a Micro-Embossed Case by a Two-Step Electromagnetic Forming Process" M. Kamal, J. Shang, V. Cheng, S. Hatkevich and G. S. Daehn 2007
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