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Thesis/Dissertation Title

Author Year

Vaporizing Foil Actuator Process Parameters: Input Characteristics, Energy Deposition, and Pressure Output

Steven Hansen 2017

Effect of geometrical parameters on pressure distributions of impulse manufacturing technologies

Ryan C. Brune 2016

Joining dissimilar structural alloys by vaporizing foil actuator welding : process conditions, microstructure, corrosion, and strength

Bert C. Liu 2016
Developing the Axisymmetric Expanding Ring: A High Strain-Rate Materials Characterization Test Jason R. Johnson 2013
Laser Impact Welding and High Strain Rate Embossing Huimin Wang 2013
The Constitutive Behavior of Copper at High Strain Rate as Determined by the Free Ring Expansion Ring Test Shweta Gupta 2013
The Effect of a Field Shaper on Electromagnetic Forming of Aluminum Tubes David Backus 2013
Rapid Vaporization of Thin Conductors Used for Impulse Metalworking Anupam Vivek 2012
Plane-Strain Formability of Sheet Metal at High Velocity Timothy N. Windholtz 2012
High Strain Rate Consolidation and Forming of Armstrong and HDH Titanium Power and Sheet Material Bradley A. Kabert 2011
Springback Calibration of Sheet Metal Components Using Impulse Forming Methods Steven T. Woodward 2011
Structure-Composition-Property Relationships In 5xxx Series Aluminum Alloys Kinga A. Unocic 2008
Advanced Processing Techniques For Co-Continuous Ceramic Composites Jonathan S. Evarts 2008
Path Actuators for Magnetic Pulse Assisted Forming and Punch-less Electro-Magnetic Shearing Scott M. Golowin 2008
Ractors Effecting Electromagnetic Flat Sheet Forming Using the Uniform Pressure Coil Kristin E. Banik 2008
Electromagnetically Assisted Sheet Metal Stamping Jianhui Shang 2006
High Velocity Formability and Factors Affecting It Mala S. Dehra 2006
A Uniform Pressure Electromagnetic Actuator for Forming Flat Sheets Manish Kamal 2005
Joining Enabled by High Velocity Deformation Peihui Zhang 2003
Spot Impact Welding of Aluminum Sheet Anthony J. Turner 2002